What is Speed Reading101.org Boot Camp & What's In It For Me?
  1. Do you 'subvocalize'- mentally Hear every word you read?
  It slows you down about 35%, and causes lower test-scores,
  and makes you fall asleep.

2. Do you still read "one-word-at-a-time", as you were
taught in 3rd grade? It reduces your comprehension
and concentration, and causes reading 'boredom'.

3. Do you 'regress' - repetitiously, and return to the
previous sentence or paragraph because you

  It wastes up to another 30% of your reading time.

  4. Do you sometimes find that you cannot remember what
  you read - within five (5) minutes after finishing?
  We call it - Porous-Concentration - and it reduces
  test-scores up to 35%.

  Would it help you to add triple (3x) your reading speed,
  and add up to 40% to your core learning-skills?

  Who would benefit from a Speed Reading101.org Boot Camp?

 What grade students take Speed Reading101.org?

 We start at 6th to 12th graders (ace the SAT), plus College & Graduate Students.
 Why? They want to ace the SAT- LSAT- GMAT- MCAT.

 Who else? Executives and Professionals (teachers included) They come to win Promotions and Raises. 
 Companies pay for executive 12-hour workshops to help increase corporate profits. It's a lifetime skill
 that keeps on giving for school and career.
 Results? Graduates permanently triple (3x) their learning-skills, double (2x) their long-term memory. Comprehension? Raise it up to 15% . Would it help you to save up to 2-hours daily?

 Our Background:

 Our educational director was the business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator
 of Speed Reading. We graduated two-million students, including the
 White House staffs of FOUR U.S. Presidents: Kennedy-Johnson-Nixon-Carter

 Discover Speed Reading101.org Boot Camp. How? Get the Do-It-Yourself (At-Home) program,
 or take a one-or-two-day LIVE workshop - we call it a Boot Camp (basic training)
 in Speed Reading101.org and Long-Term memory improvement.
 How? Please Call Gene as-soon-as-possible to reserve your seat.
It's Gene at 1-877-567-2500, ext. 2
                                  We promise you Speedreading101.org will absolutely
                                 improve your
education and career.